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Ultimate Massage Set

Ultra premium gift set for your her, so you'll indulge and wow! This gift is otherworldly with its custom crystal candle and integrated experience. 

  • SPECIAL QUEENLY ROMANCE*  Limited edition 100% pure beeswax candle infused with clear quartz crystals 
  • WILD ROSES Luxurious wild rose body and massage oil 
  • PENGUIN'S GIFT Hand-chosen white beach pebble
  • MASSAGE BOOKLET 14 illustrations and 13 tips 
  • BLANK CARD + ENVELOPE Prompts included for inspiration
  • SPOTIFY PLAYLIST LINK Set a relaxing mood 


Crystal Infused Candle

These limited edition crystal-infused candles are called intention candles. They are made with a specific purpose in mind: meaningful connections.

We chose the clear quartz because it is known to be a powerful energy amplifier. When paired with our 100% Texas Beeswax candles, the result is transcendental perfection.

While the candle purifies the air and gives off a soft, yellow light, the embedded crystals focus energy towards the goal of connection.

Our beeswax candles with clear quartz are made to order; therefore, they are unique to every owner. No two candles will ever be alike.

Remember to remove flowers and crystals.

Approx. burn time: 42 hours

Hand-chosen Pebble

Our naturally polished hand hand-selected pebble signifies a penguin courting ritual.

The male penguin searches for the smoothest, roundest pebble he can find. Sometimes he dives to the bottom of the ocean floor; sometimes he fights another male penguin. After finding the right one, he presents this pebble to his partner.

It's the ultimate symbol of a partnership and connection. Whenever she sees this white stone, she'll remember happy memories.

Premier Rose Oil

Our massage oil is an all-natural blend of therapeutic wild rose essential oil and premier carrier oils.

This light-weight oil includes nourishing apricot, jojoba, grapeseed, and rosehip which are antioxidant powerhouses.

Meanwhile, almond and olive oils soothe and rejuvenate the skin with linolenic acid. Macadamia oils simulate naturally occurring body oils, thereby softening the skin.

The mixture of these oils result in a luxurious, soothing and aromatic body oil she will utterly love.