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Grand Candle Kit

A complete candle set for a romantic and cozy night in.


  • MATCHES 3” safety matches 
  • QUEENLY ROMANCE 100% pure beeswax candle
  • PENGUIN'S GIFT Hand-gathered beach pebble


  • Blank card + envelope Prompts included for inspiration 
  • Hand-wrapped box Complete with ribbon and seal
  • Surprise gift! 


Candle Safety Matches

These 3” safety matches make it easy to light our 100% pure beeswax candles. They are stored in a corked, amber apothecary bottle for safety and added sophistication.

The matches themselves are easy to remove. Turn the jar over and give the bottle a shake. There’s a match-striker right on the front of the bottle for easy lighting.

Hand-gathered Pebble

This hand-selected and hand-gathered stone signifies a penguin courting ritual.

The male penguin searches for the smoothest, roundest pebble he can find. Sometimes he dives to the bottom of the ocean floor; sometimes he fights another male penguin. After finding the right stone, he presents it to his partner.

The two mated penguins will then use it as a foundation for their nest.

It's the ultimate symbol of a partnership and connection.

100% Beeswax Candle

Collected from Texas beekeepers, our 100% beeswax naturally smell like sweet honey. Our candles are made with no added ingredients, and we do not use chemicals in our production process. It is the cleanest burning candle in the market today.

Typical candles are made of paraffin wax. This type of wax is a byproduct of crude oil production and releases a great deal of indoor air pollutants. Beeswax candles do not release such toxins. Instead, they clean the air when lit by releasing negative ions, which then trap dust and debris in the air. The warm, sun-like glow gives your space a romantic atmosphere.

Not only is it great for you and your loved one, but it also burns slower thus giving you more time to enjoy our 100% pure beeswax candles.

Approx. burn time: 42 hours