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Perfect Massage Set

Love in a box. This gift is designed to delight!

Penguin’s Gift: Symbolizing a part of penguins' mating ritual, this hand-polished stone is a sentimental addition to the gift set.

Queenly Romances: This sweet-smelling 100% beeswax candle creates a warm and romantic atmosphere!

Wild Roses: Our specially-formulated, luxurious oil smells like roses and is packed with nutrients. Cruelty-free and non-GMO.


Why guys give Givher:

Ready to impress?

Every aspect of our boxes has been meticulously thought-out. The packages are even fluent in all 5 love languages: quality time, gifts, physical touch, acts of service, and words of affirmation. She will definitely appreciate these gifts.

Be the gifting superhero. Surprise and delight your lady with our gift sets. Our curated gift boxes are designed to do just that. 

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Our gifts are different from most

At Givher, we concentrate on curating gifts that give memorable experiences because those happy moments are what matters in life. It's simply a better way to give and receive gifts.

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